3K Def is expanding locally & internationally. We want you to be part of the family!

The era of Paint Protection System (PPS) is here. 3K Def offers all-round protection to vehicles like no other products before. 3K Def strives to develop a lasting and durable PPS that also improve car appearance. With the elaborated process to ensure the best coat, our coat sets the new industry standard.

Upgrade your business with 3K Def Paint Protection System today!

What Will You Receive?

Quality PPS

3K Def uses nano-ceramic technology that is durable and lasting. With proper maintenance, it protects the paint for up to 5 years!

5 Products, GOLD (9H Hardness), Silver (7H Hardness), Leather, Trim & Glass provides the full protection!

Support To Get Your Started

Here at 3K Def, we believe staff training is the key to delivering quality product to our customers. 3K Def offers training to our installers/distributors periodically to ensure 3K Def is presented in the best shape.

Beside skill training, marketing training and support is also provided to ensure our installers grow with us. Our business consultation team is here at your service.

Marketing Tools

3K Def is more than a manufacturer or seller. We position ourselves as a brand builder, and our marketing team put in great effort every day to make 3K Def a household name.

Our in-house production team produces high quality videos and promotion materials on different media platforms. As an installer / distributor, you can take advantage of these contents to create your own customised marketing campaigns.

Our production team is ready to film on location as requested to create content that is specific to your region.

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